PADEL: a racket sport for everyone

After having conquered the Hispanic countries which count more than 8 millions of practitioners, mainly in Spain and Argentina, the padel arouses more and more interest in France, Belgium, England and Italy.
What is it about ?
Invented in the 1970 years in Mexico, imported and codified in Spain (Marbella) by Alfonso de Hohenlohe, the padel is a racket sport who does the summary of strengths du tennis, squash, table tennis and Basque pelota.
How is it practiced? ?
The padel is played on a 20m play area for 10m wide with a net of 0,88m and two service areas at its center.
There are no corridor lines, no lines of funds.
The court is closed by bottom and side walls of 3m high.
The soil is a mixture of synthetic grass and sand.
Snowshoes, smaller than tennis rackets, have no ropes, are made of rubber and have holes.
They are necessarily provided with a strap.
The balls look like tennis balls. However, they have a smaller dimension and pressure.
The padel is only practiced two fold.
The service, crossed like tennis, is done with a spoon. During the exchange, the ball must bounce once on the opponent's floor with the possibility of touching the other surfaces (fences, walls), a little like squash.
Points are counted like tennis.
The racket movements are not as ample as in tennis, requiring good dexterity of the wrist, like table tennis.
It requires the integration of all playing surfaces and a good tactical sense.
What are his assets? ?
  • Un duo sport practicable at all ages, which can be mixed;
  • A sport technically affordable : after quickly learning the different basic strokes, flaps, and bounce on the walls, you quickly realize your first points, which is very encouraging and engaging;
  • A sport physically less demanding than tennis (about 30% less energy expenditure), less lively than squash, played on a comfortable surface;
  • A sport playful, friendly and addictive : sport for two, family, fast learning, less physically demanding than tennis or squash, the rapid progress and the fun it generates make it quickly addicting.
Originally a city sport, concentrating the sensations of the different racket sports in a smaller space, padel is destined to experience dazzling success due to its ease of adoption by the greatest number.

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