ZIDANE: a talented coach (s)

After an exceptional career as a player (one of the best 5 of all time), Zidane experienced in record time (less than two and a half years) a dazzling reconversion as a coach of Real Madrid which he left in May 2018. He is the first coach to win the Champions League three times in a row. 

What were his qualities as a player?

Some of the qualities that made it a single player prove to be very valuable in his role as a coach.

Zidane had a outstanding technical (ball touch, creativity), a excellent vision of the game and a capacity as a leader to create a game et make his teammates better.

Great perfectionist worker, he was of a formidable efficiency on special occasions. Not very communicative vis-à-vis the outside, it was nevertheless very listened to the cloakroom, weighing his words and delivering strong messages at key moments.

Training applied to the coaching profession

Before being appointed coach of Real in January 2016, he very humbly and conscientiously passed his state certificate as a sports educator, then a football coach diploma and a general manager diploma of a professional sports club! They are trained with application and passion with the greatest coaches (José Mourinho, Marcelo Lippi, Carlo Ancelotti) and trained the Real reserve team.

A coach with a strong culture of winning

Great worker and perfectionist, after having digested knowledge and experiences like a sponge, he knew how to surround himself with a trusted staff to which he delegated certain aspects of sports management while maintaining overall control.

The coach, like the past player, is animated by a strong culture of winning "To perform, to be better than yesterday, to progress, to grow" are his key words.

By nature, he has a strong taste for the game "Going forward, being offensive, creating games and putting your teammates in the best position so they can express themselves at best" are formulas that often come back in his mouth.

He is convinced that only thehard work passion for training (testing and learning new game systems, creating automatisms and training the collective spirit), allows talents to express themselves and to be effective.

From his time in Italy, he realized the importance of thorough physical preparation and dosed players (regular rotation during the year) with the aim of reaching a peak shape for the final phases of May.

Outstanding talent management

With a natural authority due to his glorious past as a great player, reinforced by great humanity, humility, self-denial, self-sacrifice and simplicity that commands respect and admiration, he practices a benevolent and demanding management talents.

His psychological finesse combined with knowledge, listening skills, constant attention and confidence in each of his players, make him a real guide, an undisputed leader in the locker room.

Putting each of his players in the better psychological and physical conditionshe knows how to use them at best while keeping them in rhythm and under pressure all season long. He values ​​and rewards their achievements. He knows how to give time to time, to be patient to get the best of each of his players.

Pragmatism coupled with precise management of emotions and communication

Not very adept at the preconceived game systems, he designs his tactics according to the opponent and the squad available to him, which he does not hesitate to modify during the game after each coaching.

Zidane is not a revolutionary, but a pragmatic, a talent manager, looking for the organization most suited to the expression and efficiency of all.

Mastering all aspects of sports management, he has made tremendous progress in terms of managing emotions (inspiring his players a lot of serenity, confidence and tranquility) and the communication who is perfectly mastered (smiling, clear and frank in a press conference) despite the pressure.

In the history of football, few have known results also exceptional as player and coach, already making Zidane a living legend of his sport.

Citing general weariness, believing that he has completed a cycle of management and success with this club and a group of players that he has been able to promote and lead to the heights of the Champion's League, Zidane is now in new challenges.

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  1. Zineddine Zidane is known on the footbul pitch. Looking at his physique from a distance, he looks like he has the body of a basketball player, however, it was that feet sticking to the grass, circling the ball until he scored a goal that made it happen. that the spectators like the viewers get attached to him more and more. ..

    Coach, the viewer finally discovers a chef, why? He quite simply stood out from other coaches by his louk, even more, we were able to detect this friendly relationship with his players.On the field he is suspicious, alone, silent hand to mouth he avoids any translation of his words. He may be compared to a Robinson Crusoe in an island surrounded by a hostile world, a stormy sea
    …. Or a Butterfly in prison looking for the right wave to get started

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