CRIS DES ANIMAUX: the associated verbs

Animals communicate with each other and in reaction to events. They do not have a language in the human sense, their means of communication being different (intonations, repetitions,…).

Farm animals

lamb bleat
donkey bray
Aries blatérer
beef bellow, mooze, mow
sheep bleat
duck cancaner, cackle, nasiller
cheval neigh
goat beguiling, bleating, kicking
cochon squeal, growl, grumble
coq sing, coqueliner, cock
turkey gloating, gurgling, chuckling
jars to curse, to cuss, to scream, to jargon
rabbit slap, squeal, squeak
porc squeal, growl, grumble
hen cackling, cackling, clapping, blistering, nudging, cocailling, cocooning, co-coding, cossing, cretellating, chuckling
chicken squeal, chirp
swine grognonner
chick chirping, squealing, chirping
cow bellow, mooze, mow


chat fire, meow, purr
chien barking, babbling, bawling, clapping, clapping, growling, scolding, screaming, yapping, napping
puppy yelping, yapping
parrot cancaner, chatter, crackle, croak, croak, croak, talk, talk, whistle, whistle
perruche jabber, chatter, whistle


bee buzzing, humming
cicada sing, tell, crack, crack, stridulate
locust crack, stridulate
cricket crack, scream, squeal, sizzle, squeak, sizzle
wasp buzzing, humming
fly buzzing, humming
Grasshopper chirrup

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