ANIMALS: name of the male, the female and their baby

Concerning animals, so often the name of the female and her offspring is that of the male or its declension (feminized ending in -ée, -elle, -esse… or marking the young age ending in -water, -on…) , they can sometimes be totally different.

This is usually due to cultural reasons often linked to the formerly agricultural way of life.

Male (one or one) Female Small (one or one)
an eagle an eagle an eaglet, an eagle
a donkey a donkey a donkey
an ostrich an ostrich an ostrich
an eel an eel an eel, a pibal
a whale a whale a calf
a becard, a beccard a woodcock a sandpiper, a bécot
a bison a bison a bison
a beef a cow a calf, a veal
a bombyx a bombyx a silkworm
a goat a goat a kid, a goat, a goat
a pike a pike a pike, a dagger
a buffalo a bufflesse, a buffalo a buffalo, a buffletin, a buffette
a quail a quail a quail
a duck a cane a duckling, a can, a canichon
a carp a carp a carpel, a carpiau
a deer a doe a fawn, a mother (6 month to 1 year), a daguet (1 year to 2 years), a second head (3 years)
a camel a camel a camel
un chat a cat a kitten
a stallion a mare, a mare a foal, a filly, a sow thistle, an antennae, a foal (suckling), a yearling (1 year and destined for the race)
deer a goat a fawn, a buckshot, a chevrillard, a brocade (at his first wood or 1 year)
a dog a bitch a puppy
a cicada a cicada a cigalon
a stork a stork a cigogneau
a pig, a pig, a boar a sow a piglet
a hake, a hake a hake, a hake  a colinot
un coq a chicken a chick, a chicken, a cochet, a cochelet, a cockerel
a black grouse a black grouse a grianneau
a crow a crow a corbillat, a corbillat
Male (one or one) Female Small (one or one)
a crow a crow a horn, a horn
a snake a snake a couleuvron
a toad a crapaude a tadpole, a crapelet
a deer a doe a fawn, a brocade (1 year)
a turkey a turkey a turkey
un éléphant an elephant an elephant
a pheasant a pheasant a pheasant, a pheasant
a hawk a hawk a falconer, a coronet, a squire, a swivel
a bumblebee a queen (mother), a worker (sterile) a larva, a nymph
a frog a frog a tadpole, a frog, a froglet
a tree frog a tree frog a froglet (little frog)
A giraffe A giraffe a giraffe, a giraffe
a gorilla a gorilla a gorillon
a crane a crane a gruel
a cockchafer a cockchafer a white worm, a bit
Male (one or one) Female Small (one or one)
a heron a heron a heron
a hedgehog a hedgehog  
a swallow a swallow a hirondeau, a arondelat
a jar a goose a gosl
a lampyre a lampyre a shining worm
un lapin a rabbit a rabbit
a greyhound a doggy style a levron, a levron
a hare a hase a levraut, a levreau,
a lion a lion a lion cub
a wolf a female wolf a Cub, a Wolf, or a Wolf (1 year)
a penguin a penguin a chick
a mackerel a madam a lisette
a blackbird a merlette a merleau, a merlot
a sparrow a melleelle a moinet
a fly a fly a maggot (larva), a gnat
Male (one or one) Female Small (one or one)
a sheep, a ram sheep a lamb, a lamb, an ewe
a mule (hybrid generated by a donkey and a mare) a mule   the mule and the mule are sterile
a bird an infant a birdie, a chick, a bejaune
a bear a bear a teddy bear
a peacock a peahen a peacock
a butterfly a butterfly a caterpillar, a chrysalis
a partridge a chanterelle a partridge
a parrot a parakeet  
a pigeon a pigeon a squab
a seal a seal a whitecoat
a guinea fowl a guinea fowl a guinea fowl
a fish a fish Spawning (fish eggs), a fry
a Poney a ponette a Poney
Male (one or one) Female Small (one or one)
a boar a sow a pig, a piglet, a piglet, a piglet, a nourrain
a rat a spleen a raccoon
a fox a vixen a kit
Nightingale Nightingale a rossignolet
a boar a laie a boar less than 6 months
a salmon a salmon a smolt
a cane a serine  
a snake a snake a snake
a bull a cow  a bull, young bull
a monkey a guenon a jig (little guenon)
a mouse a mouse a young mice
a tiger a tigress a tiger
a turtledove a turtledove a lovebird
a trout a trout a trout, a trout
a turbot a turbote a turbot
a viper a viper a vipereau

Quote about animals:

“All animals know what is necessary for them, except man.”

Pliny the Elder

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