ANTS IN THE HOUSE: how to get rid of them naturally?


Some species of ants invade homes in search of food. Natural methods exist to protect your home.
Keep the house clean, especially the kitchen and the dining room
- Place the food in hermetically sealed containers.
- Put the fat, Food sweet (honey, jams, etc.) and meat out of reach.
- Clean dirty dishes without waiting. Wash the used dishes or place them in the dishwasher (close the door securely). Rinse out containers before putting them away in cupboards.
- Clean cupboards, protections and worktops with white vinegar which cleans, disinfects and repels ants.
- Put the trash in a bin shut and take out the trash can daily.
- Sweep the kitchen and the dining room. Vacuum to remove food or crumbs from nooks or carpets.
Condemn their access points
The ants progress by following the chemical traces left by the Girl Scouts who have found food. They go through certain access points.
- Identify ant access points: cracks in woodwork, cracks in masonry, ventilation holes, cracks in the floor.
- Seal the holes with putty, natural glue or plaster.
- Prepare and spray soapy water which will remove their chemical traces preventing other ants from following them. Optionally add mint essential oil, citrus peels or lemon oil.
Set up barriers, natural repellents and baits
A barrier width of the order of 5 mm is sufficient. It should form a continuous line.
It can be made from charcoal by powder, chalk, cinnamon, powdered cloves, turmeric, lemon essential oil, black pepper, petroleum jelly (very effective for doors and windows), natural glue (on the trunk of plants), talc for baby.
Foundations of the house
Use of coffee grounds on the anthills and along the foundations of the house. It is harmless and will remove odors followed by ants. This method is slow and requires an entire season to have noticeable effects. Renew the product at least once a year. 
Window sills
Mix a small amount of dish soap and baking soda in a container half filled with water. Stir the mixture. Make lines with the mixture along the arrival points of the ants.
Sprinkle with mint leaves crushed in the ant infested rooms and grow mint at the entrance of the house. 
Use of myrtle to bay leaves to keep ants away from substances that attract them, such as sugar, flour and paprika. Put in the boxes of sugar, flour or paprika (replace the leaves every month).
Spray repelling odors such as pepper mint, and garlic.
Pourlavender oil or clove. Rub a clove of garlic in areas frequented by ants and grow lavender near access points.
Control the ants by using foods that they will eat in their path, such as:
- Corn flour. 
- The oatmeal
Fight carpenter ants
Be very careful with carpenter ants which can damage and compromise the solidity of the house. They make noise in the walls and are recognizable by their long body, leaving in their path broken wings and materials having the appearance of sawdust. Bait them with sugar and vacuum their nests on the walls.
Use a disinfestation service in case of persistence.

Quote about ants:

“For the ant, dew is a flood. "

Indian proverb

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