La Sicilian granita ( border) with almond Sugar free is a frozen preparation made from marzipan, water and salt.

This typically Sicilian frozen dessert is considered the mother of all ice creams, from sorbet to ice cream. The preparation of the border gives consistency have fiocchi (with flakes in French), a characteristic snowy aspect very different from the current “granité” (flavored crushed ice).

Its origins date back to the Arab domination in Sicily which brought the recipe for sherbet ( sherbat), an iced drink made with fruit juice or rose water. The nobles of Messina in Sicily used the snow collected in winter from the surrounding mountains (Etna,…), preserved in special stone constructions. In summer, the ice formed was grated and covered with fruit or flower syrups. During the XNUMXth century, a notable improvement was made to the recipe for sorbet , combining the snow with sea salt to freeze the preparations.

During the 1686th century, Francesco Procopio (founder of Le Procope in Paris, the oldest café-restaurant founded in XNUMX) invented “the gelatiera” (ice machine) making it possible to make the first creamy ice creams, free from air and very rich in flavor. Its original recipe consisted only of water, sugar and lemon.

Level of difficulty: easy
Preparation time : 45 min
Rest time :  4 hours
Cooking time : -
Total time : 45 min
Ingredients: 6 people
300 g of almond paste
600 ml of water
1 pinch of salt


  • Take 300 g of almond paste, cut into pieces and place in a large container. Add the water and a pinch of salt.
  • Pass in an immersion blender first at slow speed and then fast so as to make the mixture foamy and to melt the marzipan.
  • Strain the mixture through a fine mesh colander or using cotton gauze.
  • Squeeze the gauze well to obtain the liquid for the almond granita.
  • Put the bowl with the almond liquid in the freezer for 1 hour.
  • Break the ice crystals with a hand whisk.

With ice cream maker:

  • Place the cold mixture in the ice cream maker and let run for 30 min.

Without ice cream maker:

  • Return the mixture to the freezer and stir every 30 min with a hand whisk to break up the ice crystals.
  • After 4 hours, the granita is ready, both consistent and creamy.
  • Eat immediately or take out of the freezer 10 minutes beforehand, then break the crystals with the tines of a fork until the granita becomes creamy again.