La Toussaint is a Catholic holiday celebrated on November 1 during which the Catholic Church honors all Saints, known and unknown.
The liturgical celebration begins at vespers the evening of October 31 and ends at the end of November 1. It precedes by one day the Commemoration of the faithful deceased, whose solemnity has been officially set for November 2.

In countries with a Catholic tradition, particularly in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Great Britain, desserts are made during All Saints 'Day in honor of all the saints and the day after All Saints' Day in honor of deceased.

All Saints' day cookies, breads, cakes
Toto cookies, melting lemon cookies (Italy)
All Saints' beans
Soul cakes or soul cakes (Great Britain)
The bones of saints or huesos de santos (Spain)
Quince paste (Spain)
Toussaint chocolate and coffee turron (Spain)

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