Halloween is a pagan folk festival originating in the Anglo-Celtic Islands (Ireland, Scotland, Wales) celebrated on the evening of October 31, the eve of the Christian feast of All Saints. Meaning "the eve of all saints" or "the vigil of All Saints" in English, it would come from the religious feast of Samain celebrated at the beginning of autumn by the Celts (to celebrate the new year).
It was from the 1th century that the Catholic Church moved the feast of All Saints (celebrated after Easter or Pentecost) to November XNUMX, in order to Christianize the feast of Samain.
The Halloween party was introduced to the United States and Canada by Irish and Scottish emigrants. Very popular in Anglo-Saxon countries, the best-known modern tradition is that children disguised with scary costumes (ghosts, witches, monsters or vampires) go ring the bell asking for treats by saying the formula: Trick or treat! (" Trick or treat ! ").

Among the sweet recipes prepared on Halloween night, we have listed some of these iconic recipes below:

Halloween desserts
Gingerbread man
Halloween cheesecake
Special cupcakes
5 minute pumpkin cake
Halloween desserts
Red Velvet Cake
Soul cakes
Irish speckled bread
Pumpkin pie
(Pumpkin Pie)