Expression " Milk soup " is an adjectival phrase (group of words fulfilling the role of adjective) used in three ways: "to be soup with milk", "to be mounted like a soup with milk" or "to be carried away like a soup with milk. "


  • Angry, irascible person who easily gets carried away, gets angry over nothing and is sensitive to unfavorable judgments by suddenly losing his temper.
  • More broadly, being "soup au lait" is said of any sensitive person, easily being reached by their emotions.

Origin and meaning:

When you heat milk, it starts to boil and rise suddenly. An overflow can only be avoided by lowering the temperature or removing it from the fire. This expression, which appeared during the XNUMXth century, refers to this phenomenon of the sudden rise and fall of the milk when it boils and is immediately taken out of the fire, just like a violent anger that rises and falls as easily as it is declared. .

Examples :

  • "If by chance he contradicted her, she would take on brief but sharp anger, for she was soupy. " Simone de Beauvoir - All in all
  • "If it happened to me now to hear someone speak of you with little regard, I would get carried away like milk soup." But that's not to be feared at all, for you are precisely the kind of young girls that men like. " Jane Austen, Catherine Morland, Edition de la Revue blanche, 1898, p. 416-419
  • “His only flaw was his petulance. He was going up… going up, like a milk soup, when he noticed that the religious were not observing the rule. He scolded them furiously, banging his fist on the table, then when the culprit was gone, he would run after him, kiss him, beg him to forgive him for his vehemence. " Huysmans, Oblate, 1903

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