Le peanut butter is a butter sauce heated between boiling and the start of coloring, precisely when its color and smell are reminiscent of roasted hazelnuts.

The brown butter can be used melted or left to cool to resume a solid form. Because of its nutty flavor, it is very popular to accompany winter vegetables, pasta, fish, omelets and chicken or to prepare madeleines, financiers and other pastries.

Preparation time : 5 min
Ingredient: unsalted butter (at least 82% fat)
Steps :
- In a skillet, melt the butter over low heat, cut into small pieces.
- Let the butter cook over low heat, while stirring regularly.
- Gradually, the butter will crackle due to the evaporation of water and foam will form on the surface (casein or butter protein).
- Continue to cook until the crackling decreases and is less present, until the butter takes on a nice caramel color and begins to smell of hazelnut (hence its name).
- Stop cooking and remove from the heat.
- Pass the butter through a fine colander lined with a fine, damp cloth.

- Let cool in a cold container to stop cooking.
- Use !