The use alone or in combination of classic natural cleaning products, instead of industrial products with complex chemistry and often harmful to humans and their environment, has many practical, economic, ecological and health advantages.

The main multi-purpose commodities are:

  • Le baking soda (mixture of salt and chalk or natron) is a versatile, slightly abrasive product useful for cleaning, deodorizing, staining or maintaining. It differs from very corrosive sodium carbonate and caustic soda.
  • Le White vinegar allows to disinfect, deodorize or dissolve limescale. Its smell being strong, let macerate some orange peels during a fortnight in a bottle.
  • Le black soap composed of olive oil or linseed oil allows to detach and degrease.
  • Le Marseille's soap composed of salt, water, glycerin, olive oil (72%), coconut or peanut and sodium is an excellent cleanser.
  • Le lemon juice rich in citric acid allows to deodorize, perfume, sanitize and descale. It often replaces the strong-smelling vinegar.
  • Le sodium percarbonate composed of hydrogen peroxide and soda crystals is useful for degreasing or bleaching laundry. Powerful and corrosive, it requires gloves to be used.
  • THEoxygenated water or hydrogen peroxide has antiseptic, disinfectant and whitening properties.
  • Thewhite clay is essential both in cosmetics and in the manufacture of cleaning products.
  • L'linseed oil allows the maintenance of wood and pottery.
  • Le cooking salt with abrasive properties allows scouring, detaching associated with vinegar.
  • The microfibers or natural fiber cloths are useful on all surfaces associated with water or a little product or alone (excellent dust catcher).
  • The essential oils (lemon, tea tree, etc.) are used to perfume, disinfect or sanitize. Very concentrated, they should be handled with care.
  • Le coffee grounds (deodorant), wood ashes (window cleaner), beeswax (wood maintenance) are also used to clean, deodorize or maintain.

Quote on Nature:

“Always go by the shortest path, and the shortest is the path marked out by nature. "

Marcus Aurelius