Buttermilk or homemade buttermilk

Homemade clarified butter

Homemade butter 1 ingredient 8 minutes

Peanut butter

Softened butter

Salted butter caramel

Date caramel without sugar

Liquid caramel minute

Sugar free caramel

Caramel sugar free 1 ingredient

Sugar-free caramel with agave syrup

Spun Caramel Angel Hair

Macaron shells: Italian meringue method

Macaron shells: classic method

Sour cream 5 minutes

Homemade cream

Homemade cream cheese

Homemade curd

Homemade sweetened condensed milk

Homemade sweet almond milk

Homemade brewer's yeast

Liquid mother yeast

Homemade mascarpone

Marzipan 10 minutes

Pistachio marzipan

Christmas spice mix for cakes

French meringue

Italian meringue

Swiss meringue


Meringue 3 minutes

Soft meringues

Sugar-free meringues

Ultra-light meringues

Fruit mustard

Muesli House


Pastador grandmother, chocolate spread

Coconut and chocolate spread

Hazelnut spread without palm oil

Almond paste

Homemade quince paste

Praline paste or grain praline

3-ingredient homemade chocolate bar

Homemade chocolate powder 5 minutes

Cork syrup, apple and peach caramel

Sour cream (sour cream) minute

Homemade icing sugar 2 minutes

Homemade Greek yogurt

2 ingredients yogurt

Quote about cooking:

“Cooking is an art, but as with any art, you have to know the techniques and the material. "

Nathan Myhrvold