Culture Crunch produces and distributes content focused on gastronomy and culture, in open access, to the greatest number.  

Sharing basic knowledge on authentic gastronomy, part of a tradition and history, whether regional or national, such is our mission; just like deciphering the cultural facts of the past and of our time.

The term Culture Crunch refers to "devouring culture with enthusiasm", but also to combine gastronomy and culture.

Culture, because “all human action or achievement is culture”.

Crunch is derived from Old French and means "to eat with enthusiasm", in gastronome.

It originates from the English verb to “crunch”, an abbreviation of the verb to “craunch” (to bite with the teeth with a dry noise) (1631), probably derived from old french (late thirteenth century):  crokier : “To break, to make something crack” (1392), “to grind under the tooth with a sharp noise”. A form close to "crunch", to "crush", is also derived from Old French to grow, to grow (squeak, crack, break) as well as to "munch" (" chew with crushing sound, crushing "or" eat vigorously or with excitement ") old French  "Mengier" (to eat).

Culture Crunch is an associative project in connection with the African continent with a social and solidarity vocation.