THE ESSENTIALS: 70 sweet classics


This book is a return to the fundamentals of pastry, to the 70 recipes of great sweet classics:

  • BISCUITS (Russian cigarettes, cat tongues, macaroons, Breton pucks, biscuits, shortbread, almond tiles, etc.)
  • SNACKS (cakes, cannelés, éclairs, financiers, waffles, madeleines, etc.)
  • DESSERTS (Bavarian, Alsatian flan, pastry flan, chocolate mousse, tiramisu, ...)
  • HOLIDAYS (log, pancake, ...)
  • CAKES (almond tree, rum baba, mounted piece, Black Forest, Strawberry, millefeuille, Moka, Opera, Saint-Honoré ...)
  • PIES (Alsatian, amandine, Bourdaloue, Norman, Tatin ...)

A concern for clarity and a high gastronomic requirement have driven us to develop these recipes of great sweet classics, easy to make at home.

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THE "MINUTES": 70 dessert recipes "less than 5 minutes"

This one-of-a-kind work is a return to recipes with a few basic ingredients embellished with seasonal fruits or classic aromas that are produced in a few minutes.

  • 1 MINUTE DESSERTS: brownies, vanilla cake, lemon cake, coconut cake, ...
  • DESSERTS 2 MINUTES: mascarpone cream, vanilla cake, coffee cake, chocolate dip, ...
  • DESSERTS 5 MINUTES: yogurt cream, mascarpone and coffee cream, coconut flan, orange cake, cream cake, cheesecake, condensed milk cake, apple cake, lemon mousse, hazelnut mousse, Eggs with milk,…

A concern for simplicity and clarity has motivated us to allow everyone to make these desserts at home in less than 5 minutes while maintaining high gastronomic standards.

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13,99 €
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Special offer: volume n ° 1 and n ° 2 of the Facil'à pâtisser collection (THE ESSENTIALS + THE "MINUTES")

Vvolume n ° 1 and volume n ° 2 of the Facil'à pâtisser collection (THE ESSENTIALS + THE "MINUTES") - Format 156 * 234 mm

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A blank recipe book to record and transmit family recipes, homemade recipes, those refined over time.

In a practical format (154 mm by 236 mm), allowing you to store 75 recipes, with a front / back cover, this book is just waiting for your recipes!

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Quote about cooking:

"Of all the arts, the culinary art is the one that best nourishes its man".

Pierre Dac



The French language contains many nuances of syntax and grammar as well as a great lexical richness. As British writer Samuel Taylor Coleridge put it, “French is perhaps the clearest and most precise language in the world". Enriching one's vocabulary goes beyond shining in society, specifying one's thinking, entering into nuance and promoting one's creativity. This book lists 1111 words of sustained French that will delight lovers of the French language, students or the curious. All in all ...

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Quote about the French language:

“This French language that founds us and unites us.”

Fabrice Lucchini