Greyhound: a breed of excellent company

Le greyhound is a very elongated dog, with long thin legs, a flexible, light, muscular and sinewy body. Dog previously used for hunting because of its exceptional qualities of speed, it is an excellent companion dog, very attached to the people with whom it lives, but distant towards strangers.

What are its origins ?

The word "greyhound" comes from the word "hare". The existence of dogs related to greyhounds today dates back to antiquity, attested by numerous paintings, engravings and sculptures. All greyhounds come from very old breeds, mostly used for hunting (sight chase) by the nobility, sometimes considered as the first type of specialized dog that the man has obtained.

In France, hunting with greyhounds was banned in 1844. This past is visible today in sight pursuit on lure. In Hendon, England in 1876 the first greyhound race was held on a straight track. The modern greyhound racing on the oval track is due to Owen Patrick Smith who invented the artificial decoy hare in 1912. He opened the first track in Emeryville, California in 1919, betting taking place in the 1930s. In 1926, his invention was exported to Great Britain and reached its peak there in 1946 before being limited by the law on Paris.

What are its physical characteristics?

Greyhounds have a particular morphology : slender, slender, long, slender legs and a deep chest. Their body is similar to that of felines such as cheetahs. Their framework is powerful, but light. Their very flexible spine allows them to project their hind limbs very far. This gives them a higher speed running ability than any other dog breed. He is the only dog ​​capable of practicing the "flying gallop" where he is for a time perfectly suspended in the air. Their size varies from one breed to another, their morphology is of the "graïoid" type: thin and tapered body, long and thin head and muzzle.

The coat is either short (English wolfhound, Hungarian ...), semi-long (Irish wolfhound ...), or long (Borzoi, Afghan hound ...). The height at the withers varies from 30 cm for the small Italian wolfhound to over 80 cm for the Irish wolfhound. Their weight can range from 5 to 50 kg depending on the breed.

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